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Дом моей бабушки / La casa de mi abuela / My Grandmother's House. 2005.

Дом моей бабушки / La casa de mi abuela / My Grandmother's House. 2005.
 Очень необычный, авторский документальный фильм - жизнеописание бытия в доме бабушки, где она заботится о внучке пока родители на работе. Марине 6 лет, бабушке уже 75, она консервативна и религиозна, из-за чего происходят вечные стычки с шустрой и непоседливой внучкой, однако это не мешает им любить и заботиться друг о друге...
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At first glance, not much is happening in My Grandmother's House. A grandmother is taking care of her grandchild while her parents are at work. Six-year-old Marina is expected to conform to the daily rituals that determine 75-year-old Marita's conservative and religious life in a dull industrial town in the Spanish Alicante province. The girl rebels in her own impulsive and headstrong way against her grandmother's strictness and sombre outlook on life. Adan Aliaga visualises the naturalness of their contact and the seemingly insurmountable differences between their worlds. Simple actions are the starting point from which the director, in short chapters, zooms in on recalcitrant sensitivities and ironic details. This makes the film a poetic and subtle exploration of Marina's still unbiased and innocent attitude on the one hand and Marita's repressed pain and growing despair on the other. The fact is that the house Marita has lived in for 52 years has to be demolished, and she cannot stand the thought of moving. Playfully and tenderly, My Grandmother's House shows the bickering and the nevertheless invariable love between a grandmother and her grandchild.
Режиссёр: Adan Aliaga / Адан Альяга.
В ролях: Marita Fuentes, Marina Pastor, Miguel Such, Ana Jimenez, Asuncion Ferrando, Remedios Ferrando, Elena Pastor, Vicente Aliaga, Rosa Zornoza, Juan Carlos Pastor.
Испания, 2005.
Язык: испанский, без перевода.

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