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Отель на пляже / L'hоtel de la plage.

August in Brittany at a seaside hotel. Some guests are new, some come every year and are friends. The men nearing middle age fish and plan infidelities; their wives have surprises of their own in store. Teens fall in and out of love. Kids not yet teens have their own parties and friendships. Lucien's friends set him up with Aline, the wife of a jealous husband. Euloge wants an assignation with the waitress, Yveline. While a husband philanders, his wife goes to Morlaix to see antiques, giving one youth a lift. Their daughter Estelle dumps two boyfriends. There's a talent contest. The hôtelière has an unexpected suitor. The month ends; in 11 months, most but not all will be back.

Режиссер: Мишель Ланг / Michel Lang.
В ролях: Лайонел Меле / Lionel Melet, Томас Сюссфельд / Thomas Sussfeld, Pascal Beguet, Olivier Jurion, Benoît Jurion, Serge Feuillet, Ник Норманд / Nic le Normand, Софи Баржак / Sophie Barjac, Мириам Буайе / Myriam Boyer, Даниэль Секкальди / Daniel Ceccaldi, Мишель Грелье / Michèle Grellier, Бруно Гийен / Bruno Guillain, Франсис Лемэр / Francis Lemaire, Робер Ломбар / Robert Lombard.
France, 1978.
Download L'hоtel de la plage.
 L'hоtel de la plage.

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