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Тайна Юханны / Johannes hemmelighed.

 Йоханес тяжело переживает развод родителей. Его мать не позволяет мальчику общаться с отцом. Однажды ночью Йоханес видит сон, в котором Иисус превращается в маленькую нищую девочку. Мальчик начинает лучше понимать природу добра и зла.

Johannes is upset because his parents have divorced and because his father never phones him. Before going to bed he wants his mother to read something from the Bible for him, instead of one of the usual stories from Superman. She reads some lines from the Revelation of St. John. Johannes asks her what "the end is near" means. She explains that it is when Jesus comes back, and sends the good people to Paradise and the evil ones to Hell. In the middle of the night Johannes sees a dazzling light and lots of water pouring out from the toilet. Suddenly an androgynous being is standing in the bathroom. Johannes thinks it's Jesus, and the being doesn't deny it. Johannes asks Jesus if his parents are going to Hell, as he thinks they are evil. Instead of answering Jesus invites Johannes to follow him down the toilet. He shows Johannes various forms of evil deeds, but they are not the kind of evil Johannes is looking for. Finally Johannes sees a little girl, who is sad because her parents are going to divorce. When Johannes says that this is the kind of evil he means, Jesus has disappeared. Johannes finds him in a subterranean car park, where he listens to a boy singing a sad song with a wonderful voice. Jesus tells Johannes that the boy is longing for his father, who is in hell. When back home Johannes says to Jesus that he doesn't want his parents to go to hell any more.

Режиссер: Оке Сандгрен / Åke Sandgren.
В ролях: Якоб Кац / Jacob Katz, Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum, Kirsten Olesen, Claus Strandberg, Poul Thomsen, Йоханнес Ребель / Johannes Rebel.
Denmark, 1985.
Тайна Юханны / Johannes hemmelighed. 1985.

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