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Львёнок / L'enfant lion / The Lion Child.

In the village of Pama, Sirga the lioness and Oule the young boy, born the same day, grow up together as sister and brother. Oule discovers the world alongside Sirga, and it is through her that he learns the secrets of the brush. He knows how to speak to the trees, the beasts, the bees and the wind. But one day, horsemen arrive from the Nord to take away all of the children of the village in chains and sell them into slavery. Oule and his friend Lena are bought by a nobleman of the high plains who, terrified by Oule's powers, sends him into exile. But Oule posesses the strength of lions and he finds Sirga. With Lena, they will reconstruct the village of Pama...
Режиссер: Патрик Гранперре / Patrick Grandperret.
В ролях: Mathurin Sinze, Were Were Liking, Souleymane Koli, Салиф Кейта / Salif Keita, Sophie-Veronique Toue Tagbe, Сиди Ламин / Sidy Lamine, Дамуре Зика / Damoure Zika, Лам Ибрахим Диа / Lam Ibrahim Diaz.
Франция, 1993.
Язык: французский.
Субтитры: английские.
Львёнок / L'enfant lion / The Lion Child.

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