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Ребенок пошел вперед / A Child Went Forth.

 О нахождении детей 3-7 лет в загородном лагере-убежище, вдали от бомбёжек Второй мировой войны.

 A line from Whitman, "There was a child went forth every day," starts this film: a visit to a farm that's a summer camp and progressive school for exploration and discovery. The children, as young as two or three, have room and time to question, wonder, and learn. We build a wading pool, use tools, climb and swing, bath a dog - and learn to live together. There are spats, and little adult interference. A tree house sparks children's imagination. They visit a neighboring farm, play with the animals and ride on a tractor that's plowing. They eat and nap. There's story time, easels for art, and a lollipop. It's the perfect place for city children to be safe from bombardment, says the narrator.

Режиссёр: Джозеф Лоузи / Joseph Losey.
В ролях: Американские дети "образца" 1941 года. Рассказчик Ллойд Гоф / Lloyd Gough.

USA, 1941.
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Ребенок пошел вперед / A Child Went Forth.

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