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Бродячие псы / Stray Dogs.

Уставшая мать изо всех сил пытается воспитать своих двоих детей и справиться с мужем-алкоголиком..

Set in 1958 and adapted from the award-winning stage play by Julie Jensen, Stray Dogs is a Southern gothic film about the last night of a bad marriage. Darla Carter reaches her turning point this October day, when most of the men in her Appalachian town are engaged in a vicious, chaotic hunt to round up and kill stray dogs. In the afternoon, Darla gets terrifying news: she is pregnant again, and she believes the baby will be a girl child. Legend has it that female children can not survive on Carter Mountain. Darla has lost three female infants in a row, and has come to believe the curse is real. For the sake of her children's future, she resolves to leave her husband Myers and Carter Mountain once and for all. Darla married Myers on a whim and has lived for the past 12 years in a complex social and economic trap from which she has tried to tear herself free. Darla has threatened to leave many time before, but Myers is strikingly handsome and he knows exactly how to stir up her intense sexual desire. Myers views keeping his family intact as the ultimate show of his manhood, but his alcoholism, dramatic mood swings, and tendency towards violence make him a poor husband and provider.

Режиссер: Катрин Крауч.
В ролях: Жиневьева Тернер, Дот Джонс, Билл Сейдж, Райан Келли (Фред), Зэк Грэй (Риз), Даррел Робертс, Джои Типтон, James Kimberling, John Wienen, Тим Айлдж

Бродячие псы / Stray Dogs.

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